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How To Win at Car Insurance the Metromile Way

Posted by holbergfinancial on May 2, 2017

Car insurance companies suck.


Well, most of them do anyways. They cost a lot, you never really get a say, and their customer service is actually quite poor. It's like going to the grocery store and only being able to select from nearly-spoiled fruits and vegetables while having to pay full price.

Fortunately, the old way of doing car insurance is going away. In this post, we'll look at how you can get better car insurance, pay less, and have a way better experience - for real this time.

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Is Your Bank Keeping Up With You?

Posted by holbergfinancial on December 28, 2016
Is your bank doing a good job keeping up with you and the modern age? Most would answer a solid: kinda.
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The New Way To Travel

Posted by holbergfinancial on November 7, 2016

In this guest post we'll hear from one of the many amazing travel innovators that are redefining how people see the world and gain meaningful, unique, and highly cherished experiences across the globe.

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How You Are Losing Your Retirement Savings - Especially if You're a Teacher.

Posted by holbergfinancial on November 4, 2016

Recently, the New York Times published an article ominously titled: Think Your Retirement Plan Is Bad? Talk to a Teacher.

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"Reflections from HF's Summer Intern" By Vivian Liu.

Posted by holbergfinancial on August 15, 2016

Hello! Guest writer here. My name is Vivian, and I spent this summer interning at Holberg Financial. I’ll be starting my second year of college at the University of Chicago this fall. As my first internship draws to a close, I’ve spent some time in reflection.

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Ahhh! My Net Worth Is Negative?? (and why it's ok)

Posted by holbergfinancial on August 10, 2016

When was the last time you woke up and thought, "why is my net worth negative?" Chances are: never. But if you're in your 20's or early 30's, chances are, your net worth is negative (or barely making it to zero).

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3 Tips to Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

Posted by holbergfinancial on May 4, 2016
How can you do more now to have more later? Can you really have your cake and eat it too? At Holberg Financial, we think the answer is yes. There are several things that millennials (we work almost exclusively with 22 - 35 year olds) can do and  should do now in order to have more later.
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Spring (and Summer) Into Action!

Posted by holbergfinancial on April 4, 2016

Weddings! Vacations! Summer loving, good weather, and lots of sunshine. It's upon us and while the activities, festivities, and the seasons of spring and summer are wonderful - we have to ask ourselves: how can we pay for it all?

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Invisible Discounts - They're Everywhere!

Posted by holbergfinancial on March 17, 2016

What exactly are "invisible discounts?" They're everywhere! #walkingdead?

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Sharing Economy 101 - Get More In 2016 (Part 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas Series)

Posted by holbergfinancial on January 5, 2016

Why not get creative this New Year?

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