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"Reflections from HF's Summer Intern" By Vivian Liu.

Posted by holbergfinancial on August 15, 2016

Hello! Guest writer here. My name is Vivian, and I spent this summer interning at Holberg Financial. I’ll be starting my second year of college at the University of Chicago this fall. As my first internship draws to a close, I’ve spent some time in reflection.

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Cheap(est) Financial Info: Buy Books

Posted by holbergfinancial on January 11, 2016

There is a lot of reluctance among millennials to actually pay for financial planning. Yet, we still want the knowledge and the information that is going to make us successful. Now, admittedly, we know you aren't going to go out, read 5 to 15 personal finance books, and call it good - but reading something is almost always arguably better than reading nothing. Do we believe that everyone can learn how to manage their money themselves? Emphatically: Yes.

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