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Is Your Bank Keeping Up With You?

Posted by holbergfinancial on December 28, 2016
Is your bank doing a good job keeping up with you and the modern age? Most would answer a solid: kinda.

Banks are big, relatively static companies that can feel more like a gargantuan glacier rather than a nimble start up which leaves people wondering when they will get an app, a better website, and stop making it so hard to manage and move money.

If you seek to answer the titled question, most will say something like, "do you get a good savings rate and is your checking account free?" If yes, then your bank is fine.

That's a boring, less dimensional way to look at it though so....

I'd like to flip the traditional way of answering this question on it's head a little bit for a fresh perspective. Instead of simply asking whether or not your bank has low/no cost checking and savings accounts and decent savings rates, I'd like to propose looking for a bank that has high quality technological infrastructure (ex an app, sleek website, etc) as the first point to consider. Essentially, banks with strong apps and tech features like quick, electronic funds transfers and mobile check deposit should be top of the list in looking for a new bank. These features should be free, as should be the basic accounts therein.

Chase Quick Pay is a great example of pushing ahead into the financial technology realm and it delivers tons of value to customers. A good guide and heuristic in looking for these new banking opportunities would then be centered around the question: "how few times do I envision needing to actually visit the bank itself?" The lower amount envisioned, the more likely it is that this bank is actually keeping up with the pace of technological advancement and building in new features that will be beneficial for customers.

After this first alternative question, the remaining options should be vetted along more "traditional" metrics such as making sure the checking and savings accounts are free or ultra low cost and that the savings, money market, and certificate of deposit (CD) rates are nationally competitive.

These two frames of reference should get customers to a forward-thinking, affordable solution that brings tools and value for low to no cost while still making sure their money is at a bank that is operating efficiently enough to keep their savings account rates high in a low rate environment.

Personally, I think Ally Bank passes this test with ease as does Discover's Bank - there are certainly other good ones out there, but these two have really strong tech platforms and offer top competitive rates.

A great bank can make your life a lot more efficient and effective so it's worth finding one that will keep up with you as your life changes and your banking needs grow more complex. A little research and a quick switch now could help you save hours and dollars down the road so look at some options out there and consider a change if you've felt inconvenienced or burdened by your current bank.

Happy banking!

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