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The New Way To Travel

Posted by holbergfinancial on November 7, 2016

In this guest post we'll hear from one of the many amazing travel innovators that are redefining how people see the world and gain meaningful, unique, and highly cherished experiences across the globe.

In the last couple of years there have been several new and exciting ways to get beyond the office cubicle, out of humdrum routine of sitting in traffic, and into a completely new way of engaging with work and with the world.

These remote and cross-cultural experiences are being created in response to a changing and more flexible way of work that has surged in the 21st Century.

As people look for an increased sense of community, impact, and varied work and volunteer experiences, there are those on the front-edge working to create and craft companies and ventures that bring people together in highly tailored and personal ways.

Without commenting too much on the personal financial aspect of these new opportunities, it will suffice to say that many come with some type of price tag that range from affordable to quite expensive so if you're looking to capitalize on traveling widely via a program like Remote Year ($2,000/mo) or Venture With Impact ($600/mo) you'll want to consider planning for and saving a little before heading out to the far reaches of planet earth.

Without further adieu...we welcome our guest to the Holberg Financial blog sphere:

Ann Davis, co-founder of Venture With Impact (VWI), shares her story about being a pioneering Digital Nomad. Her community and volunteer focused trip is affordable as unforgettable.

As you read her post, enjoy! Ann and VWI are inspiring and growing so get caught up in the story just as we did. Perhaps you'll end up in Peru!

A Peek into the Life of a Digital Nomad

“Chocala!”  (High- five!) - the newest Peruvian slang I’d acquired at the primary school in the outskirts of Trujillo, Peru where I volunteer a few hours each week.  Here I was on Thursday afternoon after completing about six hours of work-related emails and skype calls to the U.S.  Although I am probably learning more from these Peruvian kids than vice-versa, I can’t help but believe that teaching them just a few words of English will give them a leg up in our quickly shrinking world.  


Volunteering in Salaverry, Perú

The next morning I hopped a bus to the Sierra town of Huaraz, typing up some reports for work en route.  With the magnificent views of grandiose snow-peaked mountains and modest adobe houses, I may have been able to claim this traveling office as having the best views in the world.   


Snapshot of the drive from Trujillo to Huaraz, Perú

I rose early on Saturday, and by bus climbed even higher into the Andes of Perú to an area that possesses lagunas of cerulean blue and turquoise due to the water’s algae.  The seven hour hike that brought up close to Mount Huascarán, the highest point in Perú, was well worth it.  


The seven hour hike was well worth this view of Laguna 69.

Sunday was a day for fresh trucha (trout) from the surrounding lagunas, choclo (Peruvian corn on the cob) and a visit to the archaeological site of Chavín de Huantar, which predates Christ by 3000 years, and was a model city for the Incas when constructing Machu Picchu.


Structures at Chavín de Huantar

Sunday night I hopped a sleeper bus and was out cold within 20 minutes.  I was ready to rise the following morning to start a new workday, but without the Monday blues, knowing that everyday I was digging deeper into a new culture and a new way of living.

“Chocola!”, I thought to myself, “high-five!”

Ann Davis is the co-founder of Venture with Impact.  Venture with Impact organizes the housing, travel, and volunteer experiences for a group of young professionals that live in various countries for different amounts of time. See their website for more information.

In each location participants work remotely for their jobs in the United States in a workspace provided by Venture with Impact.  

During their free time they engage in volunteer work with a partner organization, forming relationships and building experiences in the process.

If you would like to learn more about Venture with Impact check out their website and facebook page.  

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