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How Financial Stress Affects Employees and What You Can Do to Help

Posted by holbergfinancial on September 24, 2018


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Defining Financial Justice. What is it?

Posted by holbergfinancial on February 8, 2018

What is "Financial Justice"?

It's certainly a new term, yes, but it is more than that - it's a way of conceptualizing and bringing together the various ideas surrounding justice, empowerment, information, and equality that are desperately missing from the financial world.

Right now, hundreds of millions of Americans are not only living paycheck-to-paycheck, but a full 85% are financially stressed, worried, and anxious about their finances.

We have to come up with a way to talk about this in a more comprehensive way as a country and as such, I have written a short book, of which a short exerpt defining Financial Justice is shared below. 

FRONT Cover-Financial Justice.png

The book is called "A Brief Discourse on the Definition and Tenets of Financial Justice" and it's my hope that we can sieze the multi-trillion dollar opportunity to create a more financially just country by starting to explore the various opportunities that I've identified.

By the way...100% of the proceeds from book sales on Amazon will be donated to charity in the month of February - woohoo!



Joe Holberg

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The 4.0% Stock Market Decline Means Nothing (in the long run)

Posted by holbergfinancial on February 6, 2018

Every time the market goes down my inbox explodes, my phone buzzes, and my ears tingle with the sense that people are fretting about their IRAs, 401ks, and investments. 

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How To Win at Car Insurance the Metromile Way

Posted by holbergfinancial on May 2, 2017

Car insurance companies suck.


Well, most of them do anyways. They cost a lot, you never really get a say, and their customer service is actually quite poor. It's like going to the grocery store and only being able to select from nearly-spoiled fruits and vegetables while having to pay full price.

Fortunately, the old way of doing car insurance is going away. In this post, we'll look at how you can get better car insurance, pay less, and have a way better experience - for real this time.

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Topics: auto insurance, Insurance, Savings

Dow(n) or Up? What 20,000 Actually Means

Posted by holbergfinancial on January 25, 2017

One of the largest and most tracked indexes in the entire world just smashed a major, life-altering, massive, tremendous huge milestone: the Dow passed 20,000 for the first time ever!

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Topics: Dow Jones, Index Funds, Investing, Retirement, Stock Market, Stocks, Wealth

An Exclusive Interview: Your Student Loans ChangEd

Posted by holbergfinancial on January 5, 2017

Student loans: $1.4 Trillion owed, the average loan balance increasing exponentially, and the weight of looming payments that are burdensome even to the intrepid at heart.

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Is Your Bank Keeping Up With You?

Posted by holbergfinancial on December 28, 2016
Is your bank doing a good job keeping up with you and the modern age? Most would answer a solid: kinda.
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The New Way To Travel

Posted by holbergfinancial on November 7, 2016

In this guest post we'll hear from one of the many amazing travel innovators that are redefining how people see the world and gain meaningful, unique, and highly cherished experiences across the globe.

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How You Are Losing Your Retirement Savings - Especially if You're a Teacher.

Posted by holbergfinancial on November 4, 2016

Recently, the New York Times published an article ominously titled: Think Your Retirement Plan Is Bad? Talk to a Teacher.

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"Reflections from HF's Summer Intern" By Vivian Liu.

Posted by holbergfinancial on August 15, 2016

Hello! Guest writer here. My name is Vivian, and I spent this summer interning at Holberg Financial. I’ll be starting my second year of college at the University of Chicago this fall. As my first internship draws to a close, I’ve spent some time in reflection.

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